Voice Mail Instructions

Voice mail takes your telephone messages whether you are unavailable to answer or on another telephone call.  Follow the instructional voice prompts to personalize your greeting and establish a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for security purposes.  A standard greeting is used until your personalized greeting is established.  Next comes managing your voice mail messages.  Voice mail can be easily accessed from the phone line the voice mail is on or from another phone line.  Voice prompts tell you if you have no messages, new messages, or saved messages.  Each message announces time and date and then can be saved, erased, or forwarded to another Griswold Communications voice mail subscriber.  Once you become familiar with the prompts you efficiently manage your voice mail messages.

Your voice mail box is on all of the time. With this system if you do not answer the phone, based on a preset time, it will automatically send the calling party to your voice mail box. If you are on the phone when someone attempts to call you, the caller will be sent to your voice mail. If you have call waiting and you do not answer the second call, it will be transferred over to voice mail also.

You will know you have new messages if your phone has a message waiting indicator that is flashing and/or when the telephone handset is picked up you hear stutter dial tone. You can also be notified of new messages via text, call or email notification. As well, Missed Call notification can be set up.  When you access your mailbox, you hear how many messages are waiting for you.

Accessing your Voice Mail System

Getting started using the phone line the voice mail service is on:

  • Dial 778-4600
  • Enter default PIN number of 1357 followed by # and follow the voice prompts
  • Enter a new, 4-10 digit PIN and confirm. No consecutive numbers,  repeated numbers, or match any part of the phone number.
  • Select a mailbox greeting by pressing 6 to administer your account.
    • System Greeting is active
    • Choose a Primary/Personal Greeting, Extended Absence Greeting, or Busy Greeting
    • Once a greeting is recorded you must activate the particular greeting you want to use.
  • Once you have completed changing your PIN and recording your greeting, you can redirect to the main menu.

Accessing voice mail after the initial set up from the phone line the voice mail service is on:

  • Dial 778-4600
  • Enter PIN number followed by #
    (You can enable the PIN skipping feature if you do not want to enter your PIN each time to check messages)
  • Main menu says no messages or lists new, saved, or other messages
    (You can enable the autoplay feature and go straight to your messages rather than the main menu)
  • Press 1 to access the message center.
    1. New Messages
    2. Saved Messages
    3. All Messages
    4. Send Messages
    5. Recover Deleted Messages (during the current call)
  • Press * for previous menu
  • Press 6 to administer your account.
    • * 2 Administer Greeting
      • Active Greeting
      • Primary Greeting
      • Extended Absence Greeting
      • Busy Greeting
    • * 4 Administer Mailbox Preferences
      • Order
      • Auto Play
      • Info in Envelope
      • Sub Mail Boxes
      • Message Notification
    • * 6 Administer Attendant
    • * 7 Administer Wake Up & Reminders
      • Set Wake Up Calls
      • Set Reminders
    • * 8 Administer Additional Options
      • PIN
      • Group Lists
      • Auto Login
      • Prompt Levels
      • Language
    •   Press * for previous menu
  • Press * to exit voice mail

Voice mail messages can be accessed from any other telephone line by dialing into the voice mail system through 778-4600 and following the prompts to enter your 10 digit telephone number and when you start to hear your greeting press *. You will then enter your PIN when requested and follow the prompts.

Online management options are also available at vm.gctcuc.com. Enter your 10 digit telephone number and your PIN for login.