Custom Calling Features

Feature Descriptions:

Home Intercom:  Free

Allows a subscriber with multiple telephones to call other extensions. To call another extension pick up an extension and dial your own directory number, when hear busy tone, hang up. All extensions will ring. Answer after the other extension has picked up to be connected.

Multiple Party Conference Calling:  $24.99/conference call

Host conference calls from your home or business. Save on time & travel expense. Call 778-2121 to set up & get instructions.

Call Forwarding-Basic:  $1.50/month

Incoming calls are forwarded to a subscriber-designated number. *72 activates/*73 deactivates.

Call Forwarding-Busy Line:  $1.50/month

Incoming calls are forwarded to another predetermined number as the called number is busy. *90 activates/*91 deactivates.

Call Waiting/Call Waiting Cancel:  $1.50/month

A tone signal alerts subscriber of a second call. Call waiting function can be canceled on a per call basis. *70 deactivates Call Waiting.

Caller ID-Number:  $3.00/month

Calling party’s number is displayed after one ring. The number is displayed on customer provided equipment.

Caller ID-Name and Number:  $6.00/month

Calling party’s name and number are displayed after one ring. The name and number are displayed on customer provided equipment.
  -If subscribed to call waiting & caller ID services, caller ID information is displayed from the call waiting party when caller ID/call waiting capable equipment is being used. This service is included when subscribing to call waiting & caller ID.

Personal Account Code-Feature Restriction:  $3.00/month

Allows subscriber to invoke apitional service options on their line by entering a personal identification number (PIN). Dial the long distance number you want to call, listen for stutter dial tone and then enter your PIN number.

Speed Calling (8 Code):  $1.50/month

Subscriber assigns a 1 digit code for up to 8 frequently dialed numbers. To access the saved numbers dial *74.

Speed Calling (30 Code):  $4.00/month

Subscriber assigns a 2 digit code for up to 30 frequently dialed numbers. To access the saved numbers dial *75.

Three Way Calling:  $1.50/month

Enables subscriber to ap a third party to an existing call establishing a three way connection.

Voice Mail:  $3.00/month

Allows reliable answering service to be on subscriber phone line at all times.

Delayed Call Forwarding:  $1.00/month

Forwards calls when the subscriber line is not answered. *92 activates/*93 deactivates.

Selective Call Forwarding:  $1.00/month

Allows subscriber to select a list of numbers whose calls will be forwarded. To configure dial *63 or *83.

Remote Access to Call Forwarding:  $1.00/month

Allows a call forwarding subscriber to access and change their call forwarding configuration from any phone. Subscribers are provided with a directory number to call for remote access. Works for Call Forwarding-Basic, Call Forwarding-Busy Line, Delayed Call Forwarding, and Selective Call Forwarding. Call 778-2121 to set up.

Selective Call Rejection:  $1.00/month

Allows subscribers to select a list of numbers from which incoming calls are automatically rejected. A rejection announcement is played to the calling party. To configure dial *60 or *80.

Automatic Recall:  $1.00/month

Allows subscriber to return the most recent incoming call, or to hear the last incoming caller's number and then optionally return the call. To return the call dial *69. To cancel all outstanding attempts dial *89.

Anonymous Call Rejection:  $1.00/month

Automatically reject calls from withheld numbers. *77 activates/*87 deactivates.

Do Not Disturb:  $1.00/month

Allows subscriber to block their line temporarily to prevent incoming calls. The caller hears an announcement that the subscriber is not currently accepting calls. *78 activates/*79 deactivates.

Priority Call:  $1.00/month

Allows subscribers to select a list of numbers from which incoming calls will ring with a distinctive tone. To configure dial *61.

Find Me Follow Me:  $3.00/month

Allows subscriber to configure apitional numbers that will ring instead of or as well as the subscriber's directory number, any of which can answer the call. A pre-defined order is used to determine which number(s) to ring next. *371 activates/*372 deactivates.

Auto Attendant (greeting-only voice mail):  $3.00/month

A greeting only voice mail box with a virtual telephone number that allows subscribers to record messages that can only be listened to. Callers dial the virtual telephone number to listen to the recorded message. Call 778-2121 to get a telephone number. Great for sports organizations, 4H Clubs, hotlines, etc...

Voicemail to Email:  $4.00/month

Voice mails are converted to wav files that are emailed to subscribers allowing the voice mail to be listened to via email. Only netINS email accounts are supported for this service.