blueSURGE internet

Griswold Communications is proud to offer blueSURGE internet to our customers in Elliott, Grant, Griswold, Lyman and Lewis. Be sure to check out our Tech Home packages, technology made easy.

Fiber brings faster speeds at reasonable prices:

Fiber To The Home is available for Elliott, Grant, Griswold, Lyman and Lewis subscribers. One of the many benefits of fiber is access to more bandwidth and the following speeds and prices are available to fiber customers:

100Mbps/50Mbps - $54.99/mo.*
250Mbps/125Mbps - $69.99/mo.*
500Mbps/250Mbps - $99.99/mo.*
1 Gig/500Mbps - $194.99/mo.*

*All speeds are "up to" the speed listed. Speed pairings are listed as download first and upload second. Certain restrictions do apply. User experience is influenced by devices being used and performance capability of those devices as well as wireless router capability and environmental conditions. A one-time fee may apply when changing speeds. Prices for speeds with phone service do not include the monthly price of phone service.