blueSurge internet

blueSURGE internet gets what you want... fast!

  • Choose a speed that suits how you use the Internet

  • Faster site searches

  • Faster download and upload speeds

  • Available to residential and business customers

  • Free installation*

  • One email address with main account

  • Get up to 4 additional emails FREE

  • Share one account with multiple computers/devices

*installation is waived with a one year agreement

Griswold Communications offers a wireless router as well as wi-fi extenders for blueSURGE internet. Connect to the Internet without cords.  No need to maintain a wireless router or wi-fi extenders yourself, when we will for a low monthly fee. Wi-fi extenders can boost signal in those harder to reach areas. Ask us for details when you set up your service.

blueSURGE internet is available to all subscribers, in town and rural Griswold, Elliott, Lewis, Lyman, and Grant. If you are interested in blueSURGE Internet call our business office at 778-2121 for more details.


blueSURGE internet Pricing

Service Up to 25Mbps, 30Mbps, 60Mbps, 75Mbps, 120Mbps, 200Mbps, 250Mbps, or 1 Gig Speed

Speeds with phone service include:
Call Waiting
Call Waiting Cancel
Three Way Calling
Call Forwarding

Email 1 email with account, get up to 4 additional FREE

With phone service:
25Mbps - $39.95/month
75Mbps - $79.95/month
200Mbps - $129.95/month
1 Gig - $209.95

*Monthly price of phone service not included

Internet Only:
30Mbps - $44.95/month
60Mbps - $89.95/month
120Mbps - $114.95/month
250Mbps - $149.95/month
1 Gig - $209.95/month

Set-up Fee  Free with one year Agreement


Please note that services, availability, and pricing are all subject to change.