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Griswold Communications is proud to be a locally owned company. We also enjoy being a part of the community and showcasing community events.

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What to Expect During a Power Outage with Fiber-To-The-Home

Fiber to the home service works differently than traditional copper pair telephone service. With traditional telephone service very small amounts of electrical current are carried over a copper circuit to power the telephone in your home. Since the new signal is entirely optical and can carry no appreciable power, the electronics attached to your home must be locally powered. What this means in practically every case is that a battery backup unit has been installed inside your home.

Iowa LinkedUp is Fighting for You

In the spring of 2011, "The Great Disconnect" effort was launched to provide education and unite supporters of telecommunications in Iowa to ensure that consumers have access to affordable and reliable services. Despite nationwide supporters of this effort voicing their concerns, the FCC is moving forward with changes that will affect the cost and accessibility of reliable broadband networks to rural consumers across the country.