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blueSURGE voice offers local telephone service and a wide variety of custom calling features to Griswold, Elliott, Lewis, Lyman and Grant.





blueSURGE internet via Fiber Optic Connection

Available to All Customers

Multiple Speeds at Reasonable Prices!!



blueSURGE television is reliable, local service!!

Available to rural Elliott, Grant, Lewis, and Griswold!!


Welcome to Griswold Communications

Griswold Communications has provided telecommunication services to Griswold, Elliott, Lewis, Lyman, and Grant since 1946. We are proud to be “A Locally Owned Company”.

Our business office is located on Main Street in Griswold, Iowa.

Well positioned to serve our customers communications needs into 2020 and beyond!


Office hours:
7:30 am - 12:30 pm / 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm  Monday thru Friday


There is much concern regarding the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the United States. In an effort to do our part after appeals from federal, state, and local governments effective March 17th, the Griswold Communications business office will be closed to the public.

We will continue to staff our business office location, but doors will be locked to the general public.  We want to take extra precaution to prevent the spread of this virus and protect our employees as well as our customers.  Limiting everyone’s exposure is of the utmost importance.  Day to day operations will continue and staff will be available during our normal business hours to answer calls, take payments and help in any way we can.  Our drop boxes are available, payments can be made over the phone or online through our website.

We will also be limiting onsite appointments at customer premises.  Many things can be done and/or fixed from our office, but in case entry is required please let us know if anyone is under quarantine or experiencing any symptoms. We will use our discretion in determining if entry is the best solution.

Our commitment to our communities remains unchanged.  We are aware of many that are required to work from home and will waive fees to increase internet speeds as well as waive the fee to add any movie channels in our catv package. 

We take this situation seriously and will do whatever possible without compromising the safety of our employees and customers. Please contact us with any questions or concerns at 778-2121 or gctc@netins.net.